HomeworkMarket.Me – One of the rejected amendments PO-KO was to introduce a transitional provision, which was to indicate that members of the NBP Management Board and persons holding managerial positions in the bank submit a declaration of financial interests for 2018.

Philippe Aghion, who was economic adviser during the presidential campaign Macron, found that “must temporarily exit the deficit at 3 percent. GDP”. When asked if it does not undermine trust in Brussels and other EU members to the credibility of France, professor replied: “In Brussels they saw a weekend incident in Paris and understand that the house is on fire.” Columnist monthly “Causeur” patron Regis de Castelnau stressed that “before anger erupted, has long blazed quietly.” She blamed for the current situation, “the European treaties, which in the field of the economy, monetary policy and the judiciary, took over the powers belonging to the states before making up the Union.” “The EU was built just for this purpose. And when a nation decides to show that it does not agree, does not take this into account. And (the head of the European Commission), Jean-Claude Juncker, can calmly proclaim that there is no democratic choice against the European treaties. ” Minister The resolution, adopted by 473 votes in favor, 151 against and 40 abstentions, points to new legislation in Romania concerning the status of judges and prosecutors and organization of the judiciary. Following the recommendations of the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) of the Council of Europe Venice Commission and MEPs warn that regulations may have a negative impact on the independence of the judiciary, its efficiency and quality, including negative consequences for the fight against corruption. MEPs suggest that the changes in the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure – many of them the Constitutional Court of Romania considers unconstitutional – are another cause for concern and may result in the ability to fight corruption and organized przestępczością.zobacz also: EC criticizes Romania that retreats ws. the fight against corruption and an independent judiciary “Parliament condemned in the resolution” brutal and disproportionate intervention, “the police during mass protests in Bucharest in August 2018. He called the Romanian authorities to ensure a transparent, impartial and effective investigation into the police action during the protests. MEPs also warn that the new rules concerning the financing and operation of non-governmental organizations have the potential to “intimidate” civil society and be contrary to the principle of freedom of association and the right to privacy. The European Commission also criticized Romania on Tuesday that the country has not only stopped the reform process, but also backs up, in terms of fighting corruption and ensuring the independence of the judiciary. Brussels has made recommendations for immediate implementation by Bucharest. “Over the past 10 years, remarkable progress has been achieved (Romania). The fact that today we see regression is something very, very sad,” – said at a press conference Tuesday in Strasbourg, the deputy head of the European Commission Frans Timmermans. The ruling is in Bucharest for a long time criticized the EU for moving away from the principles of the rule of law and anti-corruption regulations loosening. For this direction, according to Brussels, the ruling corresponds to less than two years from the Social Democratic Party (PSD). The Commission adopted a report on Tuesday pointed to the deterioration of the situation in Romania. The document states that although the country has taken some steps to implement the recommendations of the Commission last 12 of January 2017. Is the last event questioned the then issued a positive assessment. Critics of the authorities in Bucharest indicate that changes in the judiciary and the weakening of anti-corruption mechanisms and institutions are, among others, protect persons from the Social Democratic Party, including the head of Liviu Dragnea groups. Policies that could not take the office of Prime Minister after the sentence for electoral fraud. The EC in its report noted that the entry into force of the amended laws regulating the judiciary, pressure on the independence of the judiciary, in particular the National Directorate. Anti-Corruption (DNA) and other activities hindering the fight against corruption are recourse or at least challenging the irreversibility of progress so far by Rumunię.zobacz also: Romania: Prosecutors want to waive the immunity of the President of the Senate »Brussels demands the immediate suspension of the implementation of laws on the judiciary and emergency regulations in this regard. The changes introduced by the government in Romania are judged to undermine the independence of the judiciary in this country; also make the deteriorating situation with regard to the rule of law. Other recommendations from this m.in .: immediate suspension of all ongoing procedures appointment and dismissal of senior prosecutors, the resumption of the procedure for appointing the chief prosecutor of the National Directorate. Anti-Corruption, the immediate appointment by the Supreme Judicial Council Judicial Inspection interim management, and in the three months to select competition in the new leadership of the institution. The Commission further calls for stopping the entry into force of amendments to the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure, as well as the changes take into account their compatibility with EU law and international anti-corruption instruments. Portuguese media quote extensively in Costa, who estimated that the ongoing failure of talks Sunday in Brussels responsible “Visegrad Group and Matteo Salvini.” Portugal’s Socialist Prime Minister admitted that the failure of the extraordinary EU summit led him “to frustration.” “Unfortunately, some political forces have given out caught by those who want to divide Europe, that is, such as the Visegrad Group and Mr Salvini (…), as a consequence of limited these pressures they were not able to live up to previous commitments,” – said Costa. According to the Portuguese media, the failure of the extraordinary summit in Brussels on filling key posts in Europe is a sign of serious weakness of the EU. RTP TV and Radio Renascenca indicate that the deadlock on the election of the European authorities is the only one of the manifestations of lasting a long time institutional crisis in the EU. In turn, the daily “Publico” summit in Brussels describes as a “fiasco”, “failure” and a sign of “serious problems” of the EU. At the same time online journal Observador notes that the socialist government of Portugal for the best candidate for the position of President of the European Commission is still Frans Timmermans, who – as a conservative website notes – is “the closest directing the EC”. According to the Portuguese newspaper project for the allocation of European Socialists as head of the European Commission, and the liberals – the President of the European Council is to become Costa and former European Parliament President Martin Schulz. According to Timmermans Observador candidacy for European PSL it is difficult to accept, because the Socialists lost the elections to the EP. Portuguese newspaper also pointed out that in Central and Eastern Europe is a Dutch politician and disliked associated with activities aimed at punishing countries such as Hungary or Poland. From Lisbon Martin Clogs (PAP) Novella of the Act, which will reveal the earnings management in the NBP and will adjust the height of her wages, the Sejm adopted in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. According to it, the maximum salary, for example. Directors will not be able to exceed 0.6 times the salary of the President of the NBP. The deputies decided to block voting to adopt one amendment, tabled by the Law and Justice; They not supported for four changes proposed by PO-KO (two patches) and kukiz’15 and PSL UED. One of the rejected amendments PO-KO was to introduce a transitional provision, which was to indicate that members of the NBP Management Board and persons holding managerial positions in the bank submit a declaration of financial interests for 2018. March 31. According PO politicians, the adoption of this amendment would find out what they are earning head of the department of communication and promotion Martyna Wojciechowska, which in December last year He wrote “Gazeta Wyborcza”. The new regulations stipulate that a resolution of the board of National Bank of Poland ws. The principles of remuneration will be open and published in the Public Information Bulletin on the NBP. For BIP NBP-in published is to be the salary of the President, Vice-Presidents, officers and persons holding the position of Director of the Regional Branch, director of the department of cells (equivalent) and their deputies and persons holding positions equivalent in terms of payroll with the position of director of the department and its deputy. The story is also a provision which requires, among others, make public Earnings presidents, vice presidents, directors and employees of the bank NBP occupying the post of Director Regional Branch, director of the department and their deputies for the years 1995-2018. Information about the remuneration of key people in the National Bank of Poland (including the president, directors, etc.) Will be published by 31 March each year, for the previous rok.zobacz the NBP get expert support from Germany »The new regulations also impose an obligation on the Board of the NBP to adjust the rules remuneration of employees of the bank to the requirements of the amendment within 30 days of the entry into force of the new rules. NBP deputy head Anna Trzecińska said on Wednesday evening that the new rules must respect the financial independence of the NBP. “To the bill was in line with the principle of financial independence, it should take into account the mechanism of cooperation with the National Bank of Poland, in case the National Bank of Poland considered that it is necessary to introduce an exception to the statutory limit of remuneration” – wskazywała.zobacz also: The “Mama 4 Plus” adopted . Maternal age pension will commence from March »One of the main objections to the bill, which appeared during the work of the Sejm was that he was not consulted with the European Central Bank. Diet lawyers pointed to the provisions of the EU Treaty, which requires notification of draft laws on the central banks of the Member States with the ECB’s. On Wednesday, the ECB opinion on the three draft laws (by PiS, PO and kukiz’15) indicated that they will violate the financial independence of the bank, if it would negatively affect the implementation of tasks by the NBP. The Bank estimated that all three bills that have been submitted, shall apply to decision-making bodies and employees of the NBP and have a direct impact on their functioning. On Friday, the Senate will also amendment to the Election Code, the draft prepared by the PiS. It provides that a person convicted of a court for an intentional offense prosecuted by indictment or a tax offense for each penalty, not only to imprisonment, will have no right to be elected in elections for mayor, mayor, city president. The amendment also assumes a return to electoral commission in elections to the Sejm, the Senate, the European Parliament and presidential elections. Two electoral commissions – for. And a vote for. Determining the results of the vote – will be invoked only when the local government elections and re-elections of local government. According to the amendment, the composition of each electoral commission is related to the size of polling. The amendment also increases the number of members of electoral commissions in electoral wards established abroad. The composition of the Committee shall be appointed from 4 to 12 (and not, as previously from 4 to 8 people) from among candidates nominated by the electoral representatives or persons authorized by them and one person designated by the konsula.zobacz also Sejm passed an amendment to the Election Code by Members Law and Justice »the Senate will also be adopted by the Parliament in the night from Wednesday to Thursday the Law” Mama 4 plus the “so-called. maternal pensions. The Act provides that mothers who were born and raised at least four children, will be entitled to a minimum pension. The benefit is to be paid on March 1 of this year. On the agenda is also the amendment to the Act on the Bank Guarantee Fund, which introduces new rules forced restructuring of banks, mortgage banks exclusion of rules for guaranteeing deposits. The amendment is to adjust Polish law to EU regulations; also introduces a new category in the hierarchy of obligations to satisfy debts. With this streamlined process will be forced restructuring, in particular concerning the taking of redemption or conversion obligations in the process. The amendment envisages System off mortgage banks with regulations governing the functioning of the deposit guarantee scheme and related duties, as mortgage banks do not take deposits. It provided also enable the use of so-called instrument. bridging the institution affiliating bank restructuring, as well as the correct order and the provisions concerning the access to the the Bank Guarantee Fund (BFG) activities relating to the restructuring of cooperative savings and credit unions. The law also proposes to extend the options for the management of financial resources in the area of ​​investment BFG by the introduction of the investment policy of the Bank Guarantee Fund (BGF possibility of investing free funds in deposit with the Minister of Finance); It proposes a reduction in the use of instruments related to the forced restructuring (including the closing of books of accounts, transfer of rights and equity preparation programs forced restructuring). The Senate will also amendment to the law on transformation of perpetual usufruct ownership, which stipulates that the land belonging to the Treasury a discount for the conversion of perpetual usufruct of the property will not be lower than that proposed by the local government. It provides that if the local government decides Bonifika higher than 60 percent. proposed by the Treasury, it is automatically in the area will be increased by the governor to “self-government” level. The amendment harmonises the rules for granting discounts to convert land under garages and parking places. It gives local governments the possibility of granting a discount to convert the land for garages or parking spaces in an unambiguous way, while the State Treasury land such subsidies will result directly from the law. The agenda of the Senate was also an amendment to the Law on the Council of Ministers and certain other acts, which allows the Prime Minister for homeworkmarket granting special prizes from the general reserve fund of the state budget to individuals, particularly justified cases, such as outstanding academic, athletic, or in the field of culture and protection of national heritage. Currently, the possibility of granting awards and distinctions are of a special nature, among others, ministers in charge of government administration, but she is not the prime minister.


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