Anal Sex Tales

Anal Sex Tales

Welcome to my directory of rectal intercourse tales, i’m Jess (owner of the web log) and these tales are 100% real, published by me personally or certainly one of my buddies. We love sharing our intercourse stories and just exactly what better destination to get it done than by myself weblog?

Anal continues to be a bit of a taboo subject but i am aware a lot of my visitors log off regarding the notion of it and thus we now have put well known stories into this simple to find web web page therefore that one can browse, read and re-read once you require some erotic storytelling.

Rectal intercourse seems amazing for me personally, I like feeling a c*ck inside of my tight ass and also better if i’ve another c*ck inside my pu**y. Cumming inside of my ass can be a big yes from me personally, I like the feeling from it and I would surely even get in terms of to state that We have a little bit of an rectal intercourse kink. I really hope you love our intercourse stories!

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My partner and mine first orgy

A really erotic story of occasions they meet a very stylish Parisian couple who show them the ropes and take them back to their apartment where they engage in an amazing orgy as we follow a couple in Paris for a romantic getaway. “Anal Sex Tales” の続きを読む