The Very Best Professional Academic Writing Platform

The Very Best Professional Academic Writing Platform

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What exactly is Your information for pupils Retaking the SAT?

 What exactly is Your information for pupils Retaking the SAT?

Trung Ngo from LA TUTORS 123 asked me his top 5 questions:

1. All parents want their young ones to prosper on the SAT, but few make the time and effort to study and just take the test with them—much less simply take the test 7 times. Beyond keeping your son motivated to succeed on the SAT, what kept you going from one test to the next?

Well, first of all, I would personally say that any parent can do what we did (in other words. motivate a teenager to study for the SAT), and it doesn’t take 7 tests! Any amount of warm engagement from a parent is going to do (even if they don’t really behave like it initially. Be patient. They will!). What kept me going had been that I really like the SAT (crazy as that noises). I enjoyed it … like a crossword puzzle.

2. The College Board reports that 55% of juniors improved their score when they took the SAT again inside their senior year. Just What is your advice for students retaking the SAT? How do they get the most out of it?

Oh, wow, let me see if I can here be brief: Be methodical with the planning. The greater vocab, the better. Stay in the front row on test time, if possible. Simply Take the test in a small classroom (not really a cafeteria or gym). Attempt to get a desk that is regulari.e. perhaps not a arm/chair desk tablet).

3. You took the SAT 7 times over the course of 10 months: how did your scores improve from the very first test to the final?

4. Having “What exactly is Your information for pupils Retaking the SAT?” の続きを読む

Essay Writing Solutions For University And High School Students

Essay Writing Solutions For University And High School Students

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We think that education is really a noble occupation and not really a activity that is mundane.

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Beyond the Merit Scholarship…. What Else exists?

Beyond the Merit Scholarship…. What Else exists?

Every year while the merit scholarship program, awarded by the Office of Undergraduate Admission, is the largest merit-based scholarship program offered at USC and does not require any separate application, there are some merit-based scholarships put on by various groups on campus that provide scholarships to hundreds of students. Some teams that award such scholarships include the Latino Alumni Association, the Black Alumni Association, Town and Gown (for Southern California residents), the Lambda LGBT Alumni Association, etc. These merit scholarships do indeed require an application that is separate addition to the job for admission, and also as the deadlines are approaching fast, you may desire to think about applying to any that pertain to you. For a list that is complete of scholarships and due dates, please visit USC Scholarships and download the PDF in the bottom regarding the web page.

One that we wish to highlight is the Norman Topping Student Aid Fund (NTSAF). The purpose of this scholarship is to provide low-income students whom have demonstrated a level that is exceptional of service an opportunity to help fund their higher education at USC. But the scholarship spans beyond the financial reward: NTSAF works to make a support system for its scholars through use of academic success seminars, monthly faculty lunches, basic advising, and also a study break program complete with treats and masseuses!

The amou “Beyond the Merit Scholarship…. What Else exists?” の続きを読む

GUEST WE BLOG: Focus On The Opportunities That Lie Ahead

GUEST WE BLOG: Focus On The Opportunities That Lie Ahead

College admission has been my career for nearly eight years, but prior to jumping onto this side for the desk, we invested two years as being a school that is high in my house state of Louisiana. I was never ever formally the school’s ‘college counselor,’ so I was spared from having to compose hundreds upon a huge selection of letters of recommendation. But during those 2 yrs, because of my role as moderator regarding the learning student Council, I happened to be in a position to become familiar with a wide range of seniors who had been going through the admission process. Even as we prepare to mail out decisions regarding our scholarship decisions, that I am sure will leave a great number of students dissatisfied, confused, and questioning our judgment, a specific meeting with one of my personal favorite Student Council members is fresh on my head.

With regard to this story, let’s call him Scott. Scott was the superstar of our school. He was Class President each year during senior high school, he was the pep rally emcee, and if I were to continue listing all their accomplishments, I would go well over the word limitation that this web log allows. To top it off, he had been just a kid that is incredibly likeable. We surely got to know Scott real well for so much of what our Student Council was asked to do since I relied on him. Scott had the period that is final of school day down, so as my time was winding dow “GUEST WE BLOG: Focus On The Opportunities That Lie Ahead” の続きを読む

The Alumni Network: A Family Affair. At USC, our alumni network is so strong

The Alumni Network: A Family Affair. At USC, our alumni network is so strong so tight-knit… so unique… that we even have a special title for this: The Trojan Family.

You’ve undoubtedly heard in regards to the Trojan Family, or at the least some reference to it. Yet it’s hard to truly realize the ways the Trojan Family exhibits itself without actually experiencing it first-hand. Here, I shall do my better to offer you a sense of what it’s all about.

For starters, we’re BIG, with over 300,000 living alumni worldwide. Wherever you determine to settle, there would have been a number of Trojans there to guide both your expert and personal pursuits. There are over 100 alumni organizations in major cities around the globe that host networking events, local faculty presentations, and USC game-watching parties, simply to name a few. To find out more about our alumni groups, please visit our alumni website.

There are numerous benefits to being fully a USC alumnus. Individual benefits include discounts on food, travel, insurance coverage, economic solutions, etc. Yet, in today’s hard economic times, it is perhaps the professional benefits of being a part of the Trojan Family that are most advantageous.
The USC Alumni Association, in partnership with the USC Career Center, provides alumni with multiple resources including:

-Trojans Hiring Trojans, an effort that offers alumni access that is free ConnectSC, a large online task listings database
-Fight On!line, a d “The Alumni Network: A Family Affair. At USC, our alumni network is so strong” の続きを読む

Curriculum Strength and Advanced Testing: Do They Matter?

Curriculum Strength and Advanced Testing: Do They Matter?

I was chatting with a mom of a prospective pupil recently. She raised concerns regarding our evaluation of rigor and AP/IB/SAT Subject tests. These concerns have recently appear more regularly so I thought it would be suitable to address it in a weblog. Perhaps it’s because AP tests are coming quickly and pupils are beginning to question if it’s beneficial to simply take the tests.

First, let’s address rigor. The inquiry that is overall to basically boil right down to this:

Are admission counselors capable objectively and fairly evaluate the curriculum energy of every student?

In an expressed word, YES. At USC, we’ve among the greatest, if perhaps not the admission staff that is largest of any personal university in the united states. Each member is assigned to a domestic or international area, or both. We take pride in taking care of our regions. Relationships are forged and maintained with high school counselors, parents and prospective pupils. The target is to have comprehensive and step-by-step understanding of our territory. We are particularly alert to what a competitive application looks like within its proper context. Eventually, it is possible to think about us as context specialists. Context is specially crucial in our process. We understand that rigor appears greatly unique and different for every school. Use of scholastic and extracurricular tasks in each school that is high town, and area will vary “Curriculum Strength and Advanced Testing: Do They Matter?” の続きを読む